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Canine Adoption Application

The information you provide on this application will assist Adopt a Friend for Life in making the best possible match between you and a Dog/Puppy available in our foster program.   Please be complete in your answers, and ALL questions MUST be answered.

 Adoption Requirements:

       You must be at least 21 yrs old with proof of your age.

       If you are living with your parents, one of them must sign the Adoption        Contract.

       You must be willing to allow an Adopt a Friend for Life member to make a home visit prior to an adoption, and a follow up visit or phone call after an adoption.

       You must read carefully the terms of our adoption contract.

       You must pay a non-refundable Adoption Fee


Title: (please Select one)   Mr.  Mrs. Ms.



City:              State:      Zip Code:  

Day Phone:    Evening Phone:  

Cell Phone:  

Email address:

Date of Birth  (month, day, year): 

Please note: You must be 21 years of age or older to adopt from AFL

Is the person filling out this application over 18?   Yes  No

Your Occupation                      

Your Spouse/Partner's Occupation                      

What is the best time to contact you?                 

Preferred method of contact        Phone                    E-Mail

How did you hear about AFL?   

Have you ever contacted AFL before?     Yes  No

In terms of size and personality, what type of dog are you interested in?

Do you want an adult or a puppy? 

 If puppy, have you thought of the time commitment needed for house breaking and basic training?

Have you considered the advantages of an adult dog over a puppy?

Is this dog for you and your family?  

How many people are in the household?               

 Please list their ages  

Will the adults be responsible for the welfare of the dog?  

Does anyone in your house have allergies to animals?               

Please describe your and your familys life style


What type of activities do you and your family enjoy?


What is the motivation for getting a dog at this time?


Have you ever owned a dog or puppy?     Yes  No

As an adult, have you owned a pet that is no longer with you? Yes No

Please explain:

If you could choose your ideal dog, what would that be?

What is the worst thing that your previous dog did?

 What would cause you to get rid of a dog?

What drew your interest to this dog?

Please name any specific dog(s) on the website that caught your eye?   

Would you consider adopting a special needs dog/puppy (i.e. blind, 3 legged, timid)?   Yes  No

What other pets do you have?  Please describe, listing the ages and whether or not they are spayed or neutered. 

What do you enjoy most about your dogs?

What veterinarian/clinic do you use?  Please include the veterinarian/clinic name along with the city and or phone number.

Our foster animals receive thorough vetting and we expect our adopters to follow the same practice.  What routine vet/health care do you provide for your pets?

Do you live in a house, apartment, townhouse, mobile home?  Please describe:

Do you own or rent your residence?  How long have you lived there?

(If you rent, written permission from your landlord will be required)

Do you have a fenced in yard?  What kind of fence and how high is it?

How will your dog be exercised?  

Will the dog be restricted to a certain area?  If yes, please describe the area.

How many hours, during the average day, will the dog be left alone?

Where will the dog be housed?

How do you feel about crate training?

Do you plan to participate in dog obedience lessons?  

Do you collar and tag your pets?

While travelling, how do you care for your pets?

Do you plan on being able to care for this dog if your home or family situation changes (divorce, job relocation?)               

Would you allow an AFL volunteer to visit your home?  Yes  No

Are you prepared for a 10-15 year commitment to this dog?

Any additional comments?

Note:  Adopting an animal requires a lifetime commitment.  Pets are NOT disposable.

If you have any doubts about bringing a pet into your life at this time, think it over before making such a major decision.



Click here to electronically sign:       Dated:    

Please type in "Adoption2014" for Verification:                 

For security and spam purposes please enter the sum of
10 + 3 in the box

Please note: we are an all volunteer organization with many folks doing many tasks. It may take 48 to 72 hours for someone to get back with you after your application is received. Thank you for your patience.



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