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Meet Duke.  

Duke is about 1 year old. He is a small dog, resembling a German Shepherd and terrier mix. He is brown and black with one blue eye.  He is sweet, and once he opens up is a great little dog. He loves his belly rubs, petting & will give kisses. He gets very excited to see you when you come home. He is crate trained, housebroken and goes in and out well. He doesn’t like to be on a leash at first but once you get walking he does okay in familiar areas.

He will need a family who will be patient with him. Duke is a happy little guy despite the fact that he had such a rough start in life. Duke is timid around new people and/or people he doesn’t recognize. Duke is clearly afraid of the unknown and has never tried to bite anyone but he does growl to express his fear of the situation.  When he feels he can escape from the uncomfortable situation, he will hide away from whatever he is fearful of, typically in his safe place.  He likes what is familiar, predictable and safe. Duke is a huge fan of other dogs. He gets a lot of his confidence and will learn very quickly the routine from other dogs in the home. He would love to have a playful, self-assured dog in his forever home. He plays with toys with his foster dog sister.

Not a fan of: Loud noises and sudden movements. Duke would prefer a calmer home with older children 13+.  He does fine with cats and kittens.  He is interested and will chase if the cat runs but he stops short to see what they are doing.

A little more about Duke: He came to AFL several months ago from animal control. He came from a hoarding situation with many other dogs, he was malnourished and we suspect he was never treated as a much loved member of a family. He was very shy at first, but day by day he began to trust more and more and he came out of his shell. Everyday he is getting more comfortable and progressing more.  He is currently in a foster home and has made amazing progress.

Congratulations Duke, he found his furever home!


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