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Sammy (sibling of Buster) is a neutered male Lhasa apso, currently in foster care because his owner could no long care for her dogs.  All of his life he has been well-loved, seen a vet regularly and had standing appointments with a groomer.  He is a good eater and sleeps in a crate at night.  In 2012, he had surgery for a herniated disc at a specialty clinic, and is just fine now, except for a very slightly toddling gait that looks quite endearing.  He is available for adoption along with Buster and it would be so nice if they could be adopted together.  He has all vaccinations, and is on Heart worm prevention.  He has a senior adoption fee of $100.00, and a quieter, adult home is preferable.  If you have any questions about Sammy or Buster, please contact us!

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