About Twix

Age: 7 months (1/01/18)
Gender: Male
Breed, hair color, length: Domestic short hair kitten, pale tan fur with thick dark stripes.

If you are looking for the most loving kitten ever, Twix is your boy. He loves to snuggle. The most unique thing about Twix is that he is a thumb sucker! This boy will snuggle in your lap, sucking his thumb until he falls fast asleep! He spends his awake time playing and carries around a little ball he loves to play with. His favorite past time is hiding his toys in your shoes.
His fur is very unique, it is a pale tan. He doesn’t mind other cats, kittens or dogs. He loves to play in anything he can fit into.

All animals adopted from Adopt a Friend For Life are fully vetted, up to date on vaccinations, spay/neutered, and on monthly flea control.

Available for adoption today!

Adoption Fee: $100

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